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Re: [Groop]It sure is slow...

>Me Too!!!!  The art is so dense!  I just love it.  Sergio told me it took
>him more than twice as long to do Space Circus than a typical Groo comic.
>btw, he also told me he thinks it takes him about 8 hours to do a one page
>splash page and 16 hours to do a two pager.  He doesn't do them all at once,
>but works on them over a period of days.  And he was REALLY ticked off about
>the way they printed the two page circus scene in Space Circus #2.  It goes
>to the edges of the page on all four sides and they cut off anywhere from
>1/8 to 3/4 of an inch of the art work!!

~~~ Interesting... I always love that "behind the scenes" info stuff....

>Hey Nate!  Tell Mike he had at least one more sale because of your
>contribution.  (Ah, I knew him when he was just a struggling young artist.
>Hmm. OK, OK, so he's still a struggling young artist.  But now he's got his
>name in print!)

~~~ And they spelled it right!

>Houses are good.  Now you need to build a shed.

~~~ Got one!

 Guess who came out on top?  ; )
>Chet?  (oops, sorry Eric.)

~~~ Ooooh yeah.

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