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RE: [Groop]Groo advisor and Internet Oracle 'tellme'

Oh great Internet Oracle...

I'm currently working with some Oracle 8i PL/SQL programming where I'm
progigating employees into a table based on various information such as:
first name, last name, ssn, etc., etc., etc.

I'm using:

insert into sys.new_db_users (user_login_name)
values ('&user_name')

My problem is that I cannot make this command execute. I seem to forgetting
a variable that would execute this command.

Oh all knonwing Internet Oracle... I grovel before you greatness. Pray tell,
what is the command I seek?

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Hi groopies,

If you have questions about the meaning of life or your crashed computer
(or any subject whatsoever), you can also ask a deity that has been on the
Net for a while : The Great Internet Oracle (formerly know as The Great
Usenet Oracle).

You just have to ask a question ('tellme' in the subject line), with
enough grovel. You will soon be asked to temporarily become an incarnation
of the Oracle and answer the question of another supplicant.

It's anonymous, it's funny. Read the Oricularities, or ask for help at
<oracle@cs.indiana.edu> (word 'help' in the subject line).

The Oracle was of great help for me and countless other, before the Groo
Advisor existed. And now, well this is Groo, so I am a little afraid for

	-- BooK

PS: If it wasn't clear, the Oracle's address I've given is the one to use
    to ask questions, too.
 Philippe BRUHAT - BooK

 To flaunt your strength is to make it your weakness.
                                    (Moral from Groo The Wanderer #25

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Groop maillist  -  Groop@groo.com