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[Groop]Nate's dates

Hello folks!

Haven't heard from me in a while, eh? I don't know why, I read the Groop posts every day, I just never participate myself anymore.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out something funny I saw:

Around 9/6/00 The following exchange occurred:

Nate said:

	Crrricket Criiiicket Crrricket
	Crrricket Criiiicket Crrricket
	Squeak, squeak...
	(Sure is quiet...)

Azamin replied:

	Why did your sending date is 16 June 2000? tot tot tot
	tot....teeeeeeeeeeeeeeet bizz bizzzz, hey I smell something's

Nate re-replied::

~~~ Probably cuz that's when I originally sent it! I guess it's been in e-mail limbo since then and only now showed up!

The ironic part is on Nate's last message the sending date was listed as: Tue, 06 Sep 1988 !

I wonder if Nate is really a psychic, sending replies to emails sent a dozen years in the future -- hmm.


PS: Nate, just so you know, in 2012 I'm going to be sending you an email providing the current rates of every stock on the market. If you could forward that message to me now, I'd sure appreciate it.

PPS: If you go to the Groop mail archive page, you can see one of the entries is marked September 1988.

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