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RE: [Groop]Nate's dates

Well, who the hell is maintaining your LAN over there. I can't believe such
a rookie mistake is allowed!

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>PS:  Nate, just so you know, in 2012 I'm going to be sending you an email
>providing the current rates of every stock on the market.  If you could
>forward that message to me now, I'd sure appreciate it.
>PPS:  If you go to the Groop mail archive page, you can see one of the
>entries is marked September 1988.

~~~ Let me clear it up a bit.... the 1988 thing is due to the LAN that I'm
on at work... the server is set at 1988, so every day I have to change the
date on my computer to 2000... sometimes I forget.

OK... I know, it's too far fetched... none of you are believing this are
you?.... You're looking at me like my trade-able lobster mini-robot just
scuttled off the table.... DAMN!  Those don't come into fad until 2008.....
why does time travel have to be so complex?

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