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This was my reply:

The night he switched off the light, ships collided and sunk, many died
and he said to himself "did I err?" or "am I Grooed?"  or "I'm Groo!!!"
before he shot himself - He cannot bears to be a person named Groo.
(please refer to www.groo.com to understand)

 Aimy Bazura Mohamed wrote:

No, Azeman!  It is a lighthouse!!  Siva dah kata jawapan tu

Azeman wrote:

  guard house

  Aimy Bazura Mohamed wrote:


    Sivakumar Nadaraja wrote:

    > Dear friends, Try answering this question....
    > A man lives in his house. He also works out of his house and his
job is very
    > important. Everyday the man must sleep with the lights on to avert
    > tradgedy. One night the man gets so sick of the light he turns it
out for
    > the night. The next moring he reads the newspaper, takes out a
gun, and
    > shoots himself. Where did the man live?

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