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Re: [Groop]Re:Arrgghh! (More Off Topic)

I've considered MOVING to China, but unfortunately, there are no jobs there
for experts in Washington State excises tax law.  -Gary G.

PS  Plus it would be hard to find Groo comics.

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> Hey Gary, you should have done what I did (although I didn't realize
> the benefit at the time).  My wife is from China and her parents still
> live there.  Her father is a famous Beijing opera singer in China (her
> grandfather is THE most famous Beijing opera singer, but he passed away
> in 1960 before she was born),  so he's always busy and traveling, but
> rarely to the US.  Therefore, I've only met her parents twice in the 10
> years we've been married!  They happen to be nice people, but they sure
> aren't as intrusive as other in-laws might be!  Mike S.

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