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[Groop]Signed Book - Tee Shirt

Dear (Mr., Sir, Impresario, Oh Learned One, Groopster ......) Groop, My name is Tim Clayton. I am resident in San Diego, for which I have become postal agent for my God Son - on Mark Brown. As I understand it Mark, an ardent fan of yours, sent me a copy of one of your books / magazines to foreword to you with a stamped, addressed, envelope for its return to me. I believe that his expectation was to obtain your signature on said document, and he included a letter to this effect.
So, I was somewhat surprised about a week ago when a received a package from you, for Mark, with a handsome Tee Shirt enclosed. This was somewhat confusing to me as it was not what was expected. So I waited a while more - and still no book. At this point I felt I may have missed something here (or maybe should have read the instructions several times over but, what the hell, I am male and we are noted for the "instructions" thing). Before I fess up to mark I felt it was worth contacting you to see if you could shed some more light on this mystery.
I appreciate any enlightenment you can provide. Yours, Tim Clayton.