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Re: [Groop]Groo News from M.E.

After reading some mails mentioning how hard to get groo comic, and the latest e-mail ME sent,  this pop out from my mind, how about having the groo team made some on-line groo comic order especially for the groop members.  It can be in form of e-commerce web site or taking order from e-mails.  This will become handy for those who have difficulties of getting groo comics from a nearby comic store.  Then when there is a warehouse clearance like the dark horse is going to do, the groo team can purchase it from the dark horse and open it for order for fans to buy it.  They can make profit out of it, but I think the price will be much lower than at the comic stores. This will increase the comic team income and not solely depends on the comic royalty from the publishers.  Well, btw, there are computer experts among our groop members,  If setting a e-commerce web site will takes some capital, then accepting orders via e-mails can also be used as a start.  If the response from the buyers is overwhelm, then we can move on to set up an e-commerce web site.

This method can also applies to the indipendent comic cartoonists who can group together and start accepting orders.  (I think Nate had done this before - recieving orders by e-mails. - Nate, was it a success?). This will increase their marketting ability and by this term, they can takes order from outside US.  They can use credit card facilities or taking checque - oversea or US based.

Anyway, this is just my idea.


Mark Evanier wrote:

Hi, Groop.  Here's the latest from the Sergio-Mark World...

The next mini-series from Dark Horse will be Sergio's sequel to LOUDER
THAN WORDS -- black-and-white, no dialogue, no Mark.  I forget the
name at the moment.  This will be followed by another four-issue GROO
extravaganza.  We don't have a sub-title for it yet but it's about the
funeral industry.

Dark Horse is about to clear a lot of older comics out of its
warehouse and will be offering them to dealers via the big
distributor, Diamond.  Ordinarily, stores get their comics at a 55%
discount but they'll now have a chance to get a lot of back issues for
a slightly larger discount.  This will include issues (not paperbacks)
of BOOGEYMAN, BLAIR WHICH and the first few GROO mini-series, among
other Dark Horse books.  This means that your local shop may be
getting a fresh supply of them at "new comic" prices.

Sergio and Stan Sakai will be attending the Mid-Ohio Con in November.
M.E. will not.  As a matter of fact, I have no convention plans at
all, save for next year's San Diego affair.

That's all for now.