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Re: [Groop]Groo News from M.E.


Nate Piekos wrote:

~~~ Not where no-name indie creators are concerned.  Realistically, you get a
few dozen hardcore followers, and the rest are sporadic purchases.  Not enough
to make a living on.... but then again, anything to do with printed comics
isn't enough to make a living on these days.
But at least, people who know about those comic books but his/her nearest comic book store doesn't sell it can buy direct from the creators thru e-mails.  To make their comic books known is a different story as it might depends on how the creator promote it.  At least there is another additional channel for them to takes order/to sell comic books instead of only thru the comic book stores.

well, maybe it's just my "did I err?" idea.


Since the GROO crew are known, it may work for them though.

~Nate "poor until the LINT McCREE movie comes out..." Piekos