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[Groop]Hello Everyone, a Groo list server? Whoooieee...!

Hello Everyone,
     This is my first ever post to this group, actually the first time i've known about it at all.  I sent emails to about 8 people that i saw listed on that groo.com
website.. I had 2 replies.. Yay! There are actually other groo fans? I didnt know there were other people with such bad taste as myself! :)
        I used to collect when i was in high school (and at the start of college) this was around 1990 - 96 time
period and i bought mostly just the epic books that where coming out at the time, they never had any of the Pacfic books at my local store so i never got any.  About a month ago i got back into groo and started fishing out
various issues of groo that i knew where somewhere in my parents basement, im still not totaly sure i've found them all, but im missing about 30% of the groo run from epic, just random issues from about 10 -30 or so and then
some after like 80. Ill get it done though :)  

   Because im insane.. im going to try and get one issue of each for reading and 1 each  "for collecting". I am then going to get the collecting ones graded and try to get a complete collection of 9.0 + or better grades of all
issues.. and to think i just found out about this grading thing about 3 months and at first i didnt like it...
I heard about the Groo Poster from Groo grams, Mark Evainer spoke about it in issuse 50 - 52. And about how it was "about to be done".  I dont have issue 53 so not sure how it was actually distributed (if he even followed up
on that or not).

  I met two people (Hi Kelly and Trace!.. if you even subscribe to this listserver) that both let me know that there are groo collector cards... ??!  Really? I thought that the cards where the ones that came with the board game (which i recently found out about but dont have yet, and not 100% sure where to get it from other than ebay) I have yet to hear back from trace about the specfics of the cards.. are they like pokemon / magic; the gathering cards?  Are they still in print?
   Well anyway its nice to have a place to speak about groo-stuff, hopefully ill hear more from you all in the future! Sorry about all the ramblings!
It is not i who am crazy....  It is I who am MAD ! -- R.H.
Troy Crayson