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Re: [Groop]Turkey -your site link

Hey, Far Out!!!  
Maybe he can tell me how to find more Turkish Groos!!! 
Hi Folks!   Eeek!  The Groop has kind of dried up and blown away. Gak!  It can't be!!  I guess all of our cheese dip meters are way low.  Any newbies are going to wonder if there is anything to this mailing list!  (Ha!  If they only knew!)   Well, I must admit that my own Groo activities have been on the down side lately (Gasp!)  Sometimes the real world demands my attention with some intensity on several fronts at once.  This will pass, UNLIKE MY MANIACAL SEARCH FOR ALL THINGS GROO, WHICH WILL NEVER, NEVER END!!!!!!!!!!!! AH-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!!!!! Oooo.  That felt good. 
So although I have not had the time and/or inspiration to write anything particularly entertaining of e-mail-response provoking lately, rest assured that I am still maintaining The Official Unofficial Groo List and the Ancillary Non-List Item List, searching out the far corners of the planet for those few things on the List that I do not have while daydreaming about trips to Turkey, cleaning garages in Malaysia, and rolling dice in Vegas with an attorney for a Sketch card, while planning my move to Groo Street and the glorious return of Glorko to his rightful station as leader of the planet Zoltron as I sit here mopping fevered brow with my the $700,000 Groo dish towel.      
And if for no other reason than to ease the troubled mind of your old bald-headed, gray haired Dessesbo (who might actually be airport janitor Marvin Ribostat)  how about some of you folks chiming in just to let us know you are alive and kicking?  Kevin?  Ruben? (Dognuts, anyone?)  Eric? (Don't make me cuss!)  Glorko?  Sparky UrineToast?  Larry?  Gabe?  Newbies who do not understand one thing I have said? 
Take care all -Gary G. 
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I have included a link to your web-site in my web-site.
I'll check your web-site soon...
if you need to contact me,you can e-mail me at,
Ismail KAR
Turkish Cartoonist&Illustrator ,art techer..