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[Groop]Chiming In

Hi Groop!

Gary wrote:

And if for no other reason than to ease the troubled mind of your old bald-headed, gray haired Dessesbo (who might actually be airport janitor Marvin Ribostat) how about some of you folks chiming in just to let us know you are alive and kicking? Kevin? Ruben? (Dognuts, anyone?) Eric? (Don't make me cuss!) Glorko? Sparky UrineToast? Larry? Gabe? Newbies who do not understand one thing I have said?

Take care all -Gary G.

Poor Dessesbo! I'm still lurking... awaiting my next Groo fix. I've even shopped E-bay scooping up back issues to tide me over. (Thank goodness for Space Circus).

I also want to thank Mark for my wonderful autographed card. (Sorry it took so long to thank you. You're awesome!)

This Groop has been GREAT! Oops! Did I say "has-been"? I meant this Groop IS REALLY GREAT! But, I do miss all the chatter lately. And it's really fun to hear about everyone's exploits. Unfortunately, my exploits have not been very exciting since I won the lottery and have been traveling the world. Just the same ol stuff.

Another great bonus I got from the groop was that I discovered Usagi. Totally cool stuff.

Well, gotta run! I have to cash another one of those pesky lottery checks and fly to some remote part of the world. (Ha!)

Into the Fray!

Lucky Cat

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