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RE: [Groop]Michael Moore's Crap

Ummm....SPLQORCH! (The sound of a tongue, bitten.)
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Sent: Sunday, November 05, 2000 10:40 PM
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Maybe if Groo is the US president, the foreign policy will be totally different.  More towards justice.   Groo always fight for the weak....against the tyrant kings.

Gary Grossmann wrote:

HEY!!!!  That must mean that Groo would be the best candidate for president!!!  Sergio could be Secretary of State.  That way he could travel all over the world the way he likes to.  And he would make everyone laugh so much, they would agree to his peace proposals,(as long as he gave them a free drawing)  And Mark could be Ambassador to the UN.  That way, he would have to make frequent trips to New York and could go to all the broadway shows he like so much!  He could also be a regular guest on Letterman and Leno and give updates on UN activities in his own inimitable style.   Sounds good to me!  Groo for President!  Take care -Gary G.
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Sent: Friday, November 03, 2000 9:07 AM
Subject: RE: [Groop]Michael Moore's Crap
 Maybe it wasn't so off topic.  I mean, Bush thinks and talks like Groo, and Gore, well, that is what Groo does best, not to mention that the name is almost an epigram for Groo.