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[Groop]reading picture

A few months ago we did say something about reading picture,   It really
happen to me last Monday.  In Malaysia, there are Malays, Chineses and
Indians.  I'm a Malay, and I cannot read chinese letters.  On that day,
for the first time of my life, I bought 2 chinese newspapers just to
read pictures which are sensored/banned/didn't published in the Malay
and English dailies eventhough I didn't understand of what is written on
its pages.  Those pictures are about the 100,000 people gathering by the
opposition party on a highway which was blocked by the police/ruling
party.  Initially, they want to gather on a private land belongs to a
party member but the area was blocked by the police, so does the highway
nearby where the land is connected to.  The police charged the protester
with tear gas and damage several cars while beating some protesters.  So
the picture that read in  these chinese newspapers was the pictures
taken at that time.  The ruling party is more relax towards the chinese
newspaper and all English and Malay newspaper are owned by the ruling
party.  That's my experience of reading picture.

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