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Questions for Mark & Groop

1.  Has anyone else heard the new catch-phrase the TV people are using
for the election:  'Indecision 2000'?!?   (Pretty soon it's going to be
Indigestion 2000!)

2.  Mark, any thoughts of a political parody, or is it just too
over-trodden a territory?

3.  I heard on the radio this morning that this month is Mad Magazines
400th issue!  What a great landmark!  Does anyone know how many issues
Sergio has graced with his wonderful talents?

4.  Mark, on a very differnt topic, I've been reading a lot of
biographies and examining the lives of "famous" people (you know the
basic 20-year effort to become an "overnight sensation").  I am
flabbergasted by the variety and quality of work you have done, so I was
a.  When you decided that you wanted to be a writer?
b.  Was your family supportive?
c.  How long it was before you broke into the business
d.  Was there was ever a time, before or after that point that you
wanted to chuck the whole thing?

"The man who doesn't read has no advantage over the man who can't."
-- Unknown