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[Groop]Re: Questions for Mark & Groop

On Thu, 9 Nov 2000 07:49:47 -0600, "Jeff Kozicki (ADESA)"
<JKozicki@ADESA.com> wrote:

>2.  Mark, any thoughts of a political parody, or is it just too
>over-trodden a territory?

ME: It's getting tougher and tougher to parody politics.  They're
doing a fine job of it in Florida.

>3.  I heard on the radio this morning that this month is Mad Magazines
>400th issue!  What a great landmark!  Does anyone know how many issues
>Sergio has graced with his wonderful talents?

ME: Sergio has been in every issue since #76 with one exception.

>a.  When you decided that you wanted to be a writer?

ME: About when I was ten.

>b.  Was your family supportive?

ME: Reasonably so.  My father hated his job and his main wish was that
I get into some field I would love.  He was a little apprehensive that
a person could make a living as a writer, as he'd met lots of
unsuccessful writers.  But when I started writing professionally, I
was suddenly making two or three times as much money as he was and
that caused him to relax.

>c.  How long it was before you broke into the business

ME: Well, it's hard to say when I started.  But about a week after I
got out of high school, I made my first formal submissions to a
professional magazine.  I took them four articles and they bought
three for $300 apiece.  This was 1969.

>d.  Was there was ever a time, before or after that point that you
>wanted to chuck the whole thing?

ME: Never.  Not for a moment.

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