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Re: [Groop]Election, etc.

--- snip ---

> Uni!  You can't fool us!  You ARE the Queen of Florida, etc..  This
> impasse has your fingerprints all over it!  (Back me up on this one,
> This is all some sort of twisted revenge on the populace for not
> your true station and majesty.  George and Al are but puppets dancing on
> your strings!  But be careful, why do you think Glorko had to rocket out
> Zoltron!  (by the way, how does Mucho Mulch, that great Floridian
> institution of rotting vegetable matter, fit into your diabolical plans
> why was one of their trucks here in Washington?)

-- snip --

The mulch people foiled me this year and I only got one dumptruck load of
mulch (how much mulch could a mulch truck mulch if a mulch truck could truck
mulch?) So I decided to get even and mess up the electoral college. heh,
heh, heh...

Love, from,


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