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Re: [Groop]NOTICE OF REVOCATION etc & WAY off topic

The company I work for imports some printing inks from the US and our
customers continually freak when they ask for a gallon and end up with about
3.8 litres because they dont know that a US gallon is not the same as a UK
gallon.  We toyed with the idea of telling them when they order a while
back, but decided that this this way is much more fun !  Even better - some
US customers can buy the ink cheaper from us here in the UK (including
shipping costs back over the pond) than they can in the US !!!   And they
say the worlds gone mad...... tch !!

Talking of which - I saw in a paper today that a guy over here on our wee
charming small isle, murdered his wife (by cutting her head off - which he
later buried in a Marks & Spencer carrier bag on a golf course) and toured
the country variously incinerating and dumping bits of her everywhere.  The
guy has just been sentenced to a pitiful EIGHT years at her majestys
pleasure and will potentially be out in FIVE (if he doesnt dismember anyone
in prison I guess....)  That "W" guy should run for office over here if he
doesnt make it methinks. - or maybe if we werent paying $6million a gallon
for petrol we could afford to keep our prisoners locked up for longer !!!

ps.  It being a quiet day at work I looked at the stats of all 150 people he
has - you know - and 57% of them had a Cheesburger Fries and a Coke as their
last meal.  Now does anyone else find that disturbing...


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> I always thought it was 3.7 litres/gallon which would put it at $3.11 to
> $3.33 per gallon, but perhaps I Groo'd.
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> Eck-chewally,
> I just returned from London, and the price there is 84 to 90 pence per
> litre.  In American terms, that's approximately $1.26 to $1.35 per quart,
> or $5.04 to $5.40 per gallon.
> Ergo, $5.00 a gallon is roughly correct.  If we must convert, please
> convert correctly.
> And Americans complain about high gas prices.  Sheesh!
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> Denis Hackney <dhackney@optusnet.com.au> on 11/16/2000 01:22:49 AM
> David and Jenny Perrey wrote:
> > And "gas", henceforth to be known as petrol, will be oooh... about  $5
> > per gallon!
> Actually, that'll be $5 per *litre*, thankyouverymuch - you're gonna
> have to finally start using the metric system, just like everyone else
> in the world now... :)
> Later,
> Denis
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