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> As to sports, I think you should go right up to the defensive line and
> linebackers of any NFL team-or to any high school in Texas for that matter,
> and tell them to their faces that they don't play football.  That would be
> entertaining.  Look, we like our pumped-up-on-steroids-head-case behemoths
> running around trying to dislocate each others jock straps.  We find them
> more entertaining than the juiced-up-on-amphetamines-head-case male soccer
> players.  And when we do get excited about soccer, we have the goods sense
> to watch women play it, some of whom take their tops off without us even
> having to ask!

But remember, they have rugby - a game where American Football was based on.
They played it without wearing any protective gear like the American football
players wear.  Actually I've read an article about the history of the american
football which said that American Football was a hybrid of football (soccer) and
rugby.  That's why rugby and american football got a similar in look for the
goal post.  Anyway football (soccer) is more exciting than American Football,
that's why there are drunken English and Germans always got into street brawls
whenever they met for a football matches in Europe (although they didn't enter
the stadium) and labeled "football hooligans".  anyway all around the world,
women football (soccer) is not as popular as the male football (soccer) except
in the US.

> Just remember, as Bill Murray said in Stripes, our ancestors were kicked out
> of every respectable country in the world.  We are everybody's wretched
> refuse come washing up on our teaming shore and since then we have kicked
> ass!!!  (sometimes our own)  And no doubt someday we will not be the 500lb.
> economic gorilla on the block and, well, as long as the new one isn't
> France, I'm sure we'll deal with it the way everyone else does.  (We'll
> whine and moan and gnash teeth and rend garments.  If it's France, we'll
> just kill ourselves.)

Who is this Bill Murray?  In my office there is a person name Peter Murray who
came from New York who is attached to my office as Sun's Java consultant.  Maybe
he has some relation with this Bill Murray.