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Re: [Groop]1st timer asking questions / Chad's Explained

> I've been trying you find the Groop since Comic Con. 

most people flee for their lives.

> I've been a Sergio collector since the Pacific Groo.
> I have tried to get everything Sergio since then.  

welcome... you'll fit right in.
> I know no one who shares my enthusiasm for all that is Groo.

you do now..
> Do you do any trading of items between members?

yes. people sometimes post want lists or extra items they are willing to
trade away. there are occasional contests with groo-related prizes. 

> Is there a set time and day that you go into the chat room?

yes: half-past never. there used to be organized chats every once in a
while. we should do that again.

> How often does Mark or Sergio post messages at the Groop?

Sergio is not online (or at least that's what he wants us to THINK). Mark
is, and does read these & posts Mark / Sergio updates.. also is kind
enough to answer all questions. Actually he does a ton of things for us
that goes above and beyond.. and we're very lucky to like and admire a guy
who deserves it.
> Are there any Groop gatherings?

There were plans for a GrooFest2000 that evolved into a thing at the San
Diego Comic Con.. Groop members (Groopers, Groopies and Midnight Tokers
alike) have gathered here and there to do this and that.. 

here's some sites our members have put together for some reason or another
(and sometimes no reason at all!):
Groop FAQ:           
1999 Group Awards:    http://members.nbci.com/thegroop/
Hall of Mendicants:   http://members.nbci.com/thegroop/mendicants/ 
Groop Round-Robin:    http://www.angelfire.com/ma/groop2/
...there are many more I don't have bookmarked. Others will speak up.. and
we are (ahem) redesigning groo.com & are working on getting that up soon
(cough, cough).

Oh, by the way... since I'm posting already:

Recent hijinks down in Florida have brought the word "chad" onto the lips
of people around the world [insert dirty joke here]. This is intended to
educate you non-chad-experts (and some of the dumber Chads out there as
well) as to the proper use of the variations of the name...



Chad M. Riden
ICQ # 9922135

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