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Re: [Groop]On Topic and Off Topic

At 09:45 AM 11/29/2000 -0500, you wrote: 
> Well, I just visited the Hall of Mendicants for the first time in a long,
> long, time. Naters, you've dome a really great job on it, and it's well
> the visit for new Groopies, and old Groopers (and the middle teen-age
> tokers).

~~~ Thanks.... I haven't touched it in ages though.... I guess it still lives!

> Off topic: I was listening to the radio this a.m. and heard that Marvel is
> revamping Spidey and X-men. Anyone have any info on this? Should I start
> collecting them for the Unibunnies??

~~~ Marvel is desperately trying to save their behinds.  I've heard that they
are severely in debt, like in the hundreds of millions, and they're testing
water to see what reels in the fish.  These revamps are the "ULTIMATE series" 
Basically starting the classic Marvel titles over again, and setting them in a
more modern, "Gen X" framework.  -- An attempt to hook young, new readers.
example Pete Parker will work for a news *website*) I haven't actually read
yet, but I hear they aren't bad.  (it's been years since I heard anything
than "not bad" when discussing Marvel books -- depressing really.)

Speaking of Marvel...get this!  I may actually be in a Marvel book next year. 
Since the summer, I've been Mike Allred's font designer for his books, MADMAN
and THE ATOMICS, and he'll be working on a one-shot Marvel project for
2001....  (I can't discuss the specifics but it sounds WAAAAY cool.)  if they
let him work in his usual fashion (meaning he & his wife do all the lettering
and coloring in-house), I'll get the lettering design credit.  Of course,
Marvel has contracts with Comicraft, so he may not be able to letter his own
stuff.  : (    But I will say this -- Quesada is getting  some of the more
famous indie artists, and artists who've left Marvel in the past to come over
for a series of Marvel one-shots next year... it's gonna be a hell of a
show if
it works.   

I got the shirt, Gary!  Thanks!

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