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RE: [Groop]On Topic and Off Topic

Have you had the pregnent chads for dinner yet?  How do they taste?  Better add some ketchup, pepper, salt & dip them in cheese-dip.
BTW, how do we actually pronounce Groo?  I have never given it much thought, as usual.  I pronounce it somewhat as "glue"....

Jeffrey Lim

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Well, I just visited the Hall of Mendicants for the first time in a long, long, time. Naters, you've dome a really great job on it, and it's well worth the visit for new Groopies, and old Groopers (and the middle teen-age tokers).
Off topic: I was listening to the radio this a.m. and heard that Marvel is revamping Spidey and X-men. Anyone have any info on this? Should I start collecting them for the Unibunnies??
Off off topic: Larry Stellerini...Where, oh where, is Space Circus 4. I know you have one for me. PLEASE don't wait until X-mas!!
Love, from,
Unirabbit, Queen of Florida, Empress of Outer Space, and Seneschal of the Bermuda Triangle
P.S. I'm having some pregnent chads over for dinner tonite. I hope they don't eat all the cheese-dip!