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Re: [Groop]hi GROOPIES!

Hi Nick!
I l-l-loved your page about the Groo Original S-s-s-ketch c-c-c-cards....ARGGHH!!!!!!! 
I can't take it anymore!  Go ahead Nick!  Just rip my guts out!!!!  Oh, the pain!!!!  I can't even bring myself to explain it to you.  Someone else will have to.  I'm going to find a secluded corner and cry into my $700,000 Groo Dish towel for an hour or two.  sob sob sniffle sniffle.....    -Gary "no sketch card" Grossmann
PS  Nick, I hate you.
PPS  Shane, I can hear you laughing and I hate you too. 
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Sent: Tuesday, December 12, 2000 10:44 PM
Subject: [Groop]hi GROOPIES!

Hi all,
please check out my (very not complete) new Groo webpage!
I wont say much about it, but if you can help, then PLEASE DO!!