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RE: Groo Chess Set?

Hi Matt,

Yeah...I have some other ideas about a Groo chess game that I am working on and I might share them with the Groop later on. I expected more interest in this but maybe it was discussed already.

As for action figures...I thought there was some kind of Groo statues that came out a few years ago (maybe I was dreaming). :-)

You can re-subscribe (I think) at:


At least that is what it says on:


P.S. If you aren't on the Groop email list, then how did you get my posting about a Groo chess game?

~Vaughn Seward (cFlat7)

At 28/12/00 05:31 PM, you wrote:
Great Idea! Now what does the groop think thats the question or Mark/Sergio
would think? Oh...Groo Action Figures...never knew there was such a thing.
Where can I find more info on this?

PS-know where I can resubscribe myself to the groop?
> Hey Groop,
> Have we ever discussed the idea of a Groo chess set? If so, please pardon
> my indulging in the following:
> King: Groo