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Re: Groo Chess Set?

I think a chess set would be very cool.  Although, I'm not sure how keen I am
with all those characters playing on the same side/team.  I think those
characters should definitely be among the pieces, but there should be some
other, less common characters like some of the annoying
kings/gods/monsters/etc.  Howabout a dragon, and generic army men as the

I think going by the prices of Groo premiums these days, a full chess set would
be way out of many people's leagues, unfortunately.

Maybe a computer version?  Or a paper cut-out edition?

Has anyone else checked out www.evanier.com?  Go do it now -- it's very good.

Ah to dream,

PS: Dark City, very good movie.

Vaughn Seward wrote:

> Hey Groop,
> Have we ever discussed the idea of a Groo chess set? If so, please pardon
> my indulging in the following:
> King: Groo
> Queen: Grooella
> Bishop 1: Minstrel
> Biship 2: Sage
> Knight 1: Pal
> Knight 2: Drum
> Rook 1: Chakaal
> Rook 2: Arcadio
> Pawn: Rufferto & his brothers and sisters
> I chose Groo as king as the game would be over (from the Groo fan
> perspective) if Groo is captured in the game. That is, to win the game you
> would have to check-mate your opponent's Groo. Besides, in Groo chess he
> wouldn't be called 'King' he'd simply be Groo (another idea is to have only
> one Groo that starts in the middle of the board or something. Players would
> either move one of their own pieces or move Groo in some pre-determined
> manner).
> ME & Sergio could make more money by marketing peices for all the various
> characters...a given player could choose what pieces they wanted for any
> given game (a la Magic). Another approach would be to make the board bigger
> (i.e. 10x10 or 11x11).
> I haven't/wouldn't buy Groo action figures but I'd likely buy a well done
> Groo chess set complete with a cheese-dip sea-blue coloured chess board.
> P.S. We could even make up our own rules (e.g. Groo could move like a Queen
> to any unoccupied square on the board and wipe out every piece in a
> one-square perimeter including pieces from his own army. To keep the game
> going longer than 10 minutes we could impose that this move can only be
> done once in any given game).
> ~Vaughn Seward