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RE: [Groop]Counting again...?

I WOULD recount, but I don't want to step on the toes of the Florida Supreme
court ... oh wait, it's because the US Supreme Court stepped on their toes
that I can't recount...  Too political?  Sorry, I just HAD to throw that one
in there!  Anyway, as far as I can see I haven't seen a post from Gary yet
this year (this being just slightly over 42 hours into the New Year in
Washington (which is where he resides if I remember correctly from when the
plans were underway for taking over the world).  Wow - this makes THREE
posts for me this year!  Ten more to go and I'll match my last years record.

Oh, and Mr. Jeffrey "City Hunter" Lim - your count for this year is ONE (so
far)!  Congratulations, so far you've posted more than Gary!

Well, I've digressed enough for this post so I should go back to digesting
my meal.


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>  1 - Gary "Dessesbo" Grossmann - 232

C'mon, Gary posted more than that.  That should be the number of posts
concerning the dish-towel alone!


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