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[Groop]CD Clubs


The link you supplied doesn't work (it was posted from a form - it's not a static website), but as you say, these services have been around in the US for a while, so I can tell you what I know about them:

They're notorious for being scams. In essence they are CD clubs, which means they charge your credit card every month whether you select new CDs or not. This is legal because the club's sign-up contract (which you agree to when you get those first 12 CDs) specifically states that they are *opt-out*, which means you have to send in a form in order to cancel your membership (which they process slowly, so they can charge you for another month's CDs). Usually these clubs have very enticing enrollment packages (like your 12 CDs for the price of 1*) in order to get you to sign-up without reading the small print. However, the next month and every subsequent month) is full price, which you've already agreed to pay for. This whole thing is very similar to the earlier book-club scams which I was suckered by once.

Now, I don't know if the specific company you chose is legitimate or not, but I wouldn't count on it. Read ALL the small print before you buy.


* Here in America we have even BETTER deals - 12 CDs for 1¢. So if the offer's legit you're getting ripped-off ;)

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