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Re: [Groop]CD Clubs

Thanks for the replies.  Actually as a non resident of US, I cannot join it.   I
just a bit curious about how that kind of marketing works as the offer externally
looks intresting and looks like they didn't makes profits.  That's why I want to
know how they makes money out of it.  From stories of friends who had studied in the
US, I heared that some of them joined such clubs using non existing names (which in
Malay, it is an obscene words).  They recieved the initial offered copies.  when
they were sent the bill to make the monthly purchase, they claimed that such names
is not there and no action cannot be taken as those are the non existing names.
After reading your replies, now I understand how these scam works and how they
generate profits.  Btw, I got another mail from them.  Maybe they don't know that I
not US resident....hehehehe.  That such scam is still hard to find/not exist yet in
Malaysia.  Maybe they think everybody will cancel their membership after recieving
their free copies and they will go bankrupt in less than 6 months.....or the market
is not that big....

Btw...happy new year and new millennium...

Iain Bryan wrote:

> BMG is not a bad club at all.  You get 12 CD's and you pay for one.  When all is
> said and done, you end up paying less than 30 dollars.
> The key is you need to be on top of it.
> I recommend you do the initial order, get your cd's, when you get the order,
> order the 1 CD that you have to get, once you get that, get your last 3 cd's,
> then cancel.
> I think i've joined and cancelled 3 or 4 times.
> iain
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