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[Groop]Still counting! (#4 for me, 9 more to go)

It's amazing that here we are in the 3rd day of the New Millenium and we
still haven't heard from our top 2 poster boys from last year!  We've even
gone off topic (a little) and still no response.

To be on topic, I have to admit that I still haven't collected all of the
Space Circus series.  One of the local shops I go to (most convenient)
doesn't like to carry items it doesn't think it will sell much of (they had
#1, but none of the rest).  There are a couple of other shops that probably
still have some copies, but I'm a little lazy in winter here (Minnesota
which a New York Times reporter once called "the Siberia of America"), so I
haven't gone yet.  With that said I should probably go this weekend.

Thanks for listening to my 4th post of the year!


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