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Re: [Groop]Still counting! (#4 for me, 9 more to go)

Or maybe they are anywhere around the world...looking for Groo appearences...
Maybe they are in Siberia for the Siberian Groo reprints. or maybe in australia
for Australian Groo appearences or maybe in Iceland looking for Icelandic Groo
appearences or maybe in Vietnam for Vietnamese Groo appearences..... Don't get
shock if they somehow knocking on your doors....  anytime from now...... Just
get ready for their arriaval at your doorsteps.......

Charles Klein wrote:

> 1)  Yes, it's very possible that they're still on holiday.  It's very
> unusual for Gary not to respond to some of the suggestions I've made.  Of
> course, he could just be really busy right now and won't catch up till this
> weekend...
> > It's amazing that here we are in the 3rd day of the New Millenium and we
> > still haven't heard from our top 2 poster boys from last year!  We've even
> > gone off topic (a little) and still no response.
> Wait till they are back..... Maybe still on holiday.....

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