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Re: [Groop]OFF TOPIC: groo

> > read groo. 
> Groo? What's a groo?

Who? Grew? who grew? you? I never knew!

While I'm talking gibberish, let me plug something:

Mangy Dog Semi-Weekly - 

<a href="http://www.mangyk9.com/";>www.mangyk9.com</a>


> WOOHOOOOOO!  The all-new MangyK9.com is up and running, with brand new
> columns,  sketch comedy video clips, and archives containing great past
> columns from the Mangy Dog staff!  Go there now, and enjoy!

This site features a regular column from your pal, Chad & also features
your good friend in sketch comedy skits (which will be added to the Video
Vault area one by one every once in a while) -- so go there now, and keep
going back until you begin scratching fleas and licking your nads! (see,
it's mangyk9 - ha ha! dogs!)

Chad M. Riden
ICQ # 9922135, MSN: chadmriden@hotmail.com 

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