Image Comics

Issue 1, December 1994 ($1.95): The Promised Land

Plot Summary: This is a blatant rip-off of a well-known story. It's that one they always trick you into thinking really happened back in the 1500's. You know, about those people leaving Europe because of religious persecution and what-not, to sail in search of a new land. What a bunch of baloney! Anyway, Sergio and Mark thought that it would be a good enough plot for a Groo comic, so here it is, Groo helping refugees find a new home. Captain Ahax is "on" the ship, too, and Groo basically does a good job and helps everyone. (We can only guess what might happen to the natives of the new land)

Moral: "Mankind is the story of the same mistakes in different places."

Evanier's Job: Fellow Refugee

Note: This is the first time Groo rides on a boat, and doesn't sink it!

Major Characters Appearing: Groo, Rufferto, Captain Ahax.

Issue 2, January 1995 ($1.95): The Aquelarre

Plot Summary: Arba and Dakarba are bent on crashing the witches convention (the Aquelarre), to which they were not invited, due to their many failures. These failures have all been due to you-know-who. You can imagine their distress when they find that Groo has gone to the Aquelarre as an Assistant to another witch. Chaos erupts at the convention, resulting in a witches war that is wacky, wild, and humiliating for Arba and Dakarba.

Moral: "There is no greater magic than knowing exactly who and what you are."

Evanier's Job: Warlock

Note: This issue has #1 printed on the inside cover by accident!

Major Characters Appearing: Groo, Rufferto, Arba, Dakarba.

Issue 3, February 1995 ($1.95): The General's Hat

Plot Summary: After watching a general receive the glory for a battle fought almost entirely by himself (on both sides) Groo decides to become a general. He acquires the necessary hat and sets out to find an army to lead. The armies of the local cities tend to be small so Groo must be general to more than one. The results are both humorous and tragic.

Moral: "In war, the only winners are those who sell the weapons."

Evanier's Job: Haberdasher

Note: Groo Grams publishes it's first letter sent via e-mail!

Major Characters Appearing: Groo, Rufferto.

Issue 4, March 1995 ($1.95): A Drink of Water

Plot Summary: Groo gets a taste of what my dad has to deal with every day. No, my dad isn't a plumber, he's a diplomat, and this story is about the beauracracy that Groo has to go through to get his new boss "A Drink of Water." In the end, everyone gets "soaked."

Moral: "The surest path to chaos is too much organization."

Evanier's Job: Water Boy

Note: In this issue the word "SPTUI!" appears.

Major Characters Appearing: Groo, Rufferto.

Issue 5, April 1995 ($1.95): A Little War

Plot Summary: In the land of Medalla there ruled a very bad king. He was not very popular because he was a very bad king. Unless he could boost his domestic approval rating, and fast, he would be overthrown. As George Bush will attest to, there's no better way to boost your public approval than to hold a war! His only mistake is to make Groo in charge of starting the war. Needless to say, the king gets the worst end of everything, and Groo ends up confused and wandering out of town.

Moral: "He who revels in being bigger forgets that he is the larger target."

Evanier's Job: Strategist

Note: Spawn in this issue!

Major Characters Appearing: Groo, Rufferto, The Sage.

Issue 6, May 1995 ($1.95): The Great Invention

Plot Summary: What greater invention is there than gunpowder? Groo perchances upon a Chinese traveler who has the secret to destruction with him. Sadly, and dangerously, the old man dies leaving Groo in charge of the one thing that could make his swords obsolete. In an attempt to sell the formula to the highest bidder, Groo errs.

Moral: "Sometimes, a setback can be the greatest form of progress."

Evanier's Job: Munitioneer

Note: In this issue, Groo is the most scared he's ever been!

Major Characters Appearing: Groo, Rufferto.

Issue 7, June 1995 ($1.95): The Plight of the Drazils

Plot Summary: Gather round, all, and marvel in amazement at the creative minds of Mark and Sergio. The Drazils live in Draz, and are kept out of Fylak, where all the jobs are. As a result, the Drazils have taken to sneaking across the border to work at slave wages. Groo gets involved and, well, "turnabout is fair play."

Moral: "Treat those you outrank well... you never know when they will outrank you."

Evanier's job: Border Guard

Note: This issue is the first Image one to have a puzzle-game in it!

Major Characters Appearing: Groo, Rufferto.

Issue 8, July 1995 ($1.95): Pipil Khan

Plot Summary: This is the greatest issue ever, for two reasons. One, Groo says, "Pickle Kong," and two, a letter from me is in the Groo Grams! Pipil Khan is a short genghis-like fellow who is constantly infwuwiated by Gwoo! The issue ends with a wewwy mad wittle man sweawing he will destwoy Gwoo! Oh no, I'm petwified!

Moral: "The greatest enemy is the one you do not know."

Evanier's job: Warlord

Note: I am published in Groo for the first time ever!!!

Major Characters Appearing: Groo, Rufferto.

Issue 9, August 1995 ($2.25): Arfetto

Plot Summary: We've all been exposed to Groo's innocent years for a long time, so it only seems fair that we learn of Rufferto's past, right? Well, it turns out his family was a lot like Groo's, except that there were a lot more brothers and sisters, with Rufferto as the cream of the crop. Every litter has a runt along with a cream, and that's where Arfetto comes in. Just like every other issue, it's the same old story with a new, and entertaining, twist!

Moral: "Friendship is just brotherhood with a choice of brothers."

Evanier's Job: Best of Breed

Note: There's no Rufferto comic on the back of this one!

Major Characters Appearing: Groo, Rufferto.

Issue 10, September 1995 ($2.25): The Sinkers

Plot Summary: Someone else does what Groo does best, and makes money for it! I'm talking about, of course, sinking ships! It's all a horrible scam, and Groo ends up saving/ruining the day. But one out of two ain't bad!

Moral: "The truly stupid can always find a way to create disaster."

Evanier's Job: Flotation Device

Note: In Groo Grams there is an unsolicited mention of this WWW page!

Major Characters Appearing: Groo, Rufferto.

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