Re: Discontinuance of Groo

On Fri, 20 Oct 1995, Myron Crandall wrote:

> I have not seen any activity on this list server so I decided I would write
> a little complaint of mine.  I use to collect about $90.00 worth of comics
> each month but when I got married my wife put an end to it all but I was
> able to convince her to let me collect one comic a month, GROO!.
> Unfortunately now it seems that Sergio Argones and Mark Evanier are
> discontinuing Groo and this makes me real sad.  Please post any comments you
> may have about this subject also.  I plan to still purchase anything by
> Sergio Argones, at least all Issues Number Ones ;) that come out.
	Yeah, put a real hole in my heart too.  My other fave, Usagi 
Yojimbo, may soon be leaving sight too. . . I don't know if I'll collect 
any more comics now. . . Sad.  But I'm sure I'll snatch up some Sergio's 
once in-a-while.