New Groo Stuff

Hi everybody..

	I just found out recently that there are some new Groo-ey things
	coming out soon from Graphitti. These are 6 groo Cloissone (sp?)
	pins at $6.95 ea. They feature Groo, Rufferto, Taranto, Chakaal,
	Sage, and one other character I'm not sure of.  There's also a new
	Groo t-shirt that says "I bought Groo #1, did I err?" and it has
	Groo falling out of the shirt like it's being ripped and inside are
	all these frightened looking guard people.  I think thats $14.95 or
	$17.95 for XXL.  There's also that Life of Groo graphic novel again,
	which is $12.95 I think... you can order all these things through
	your local comic retailer if you act soon.. and if I get any kind of
	requests for these, I might order them for you and send them to you
	at a nominal markup for shipping and such.  anybody interested?

Josh Jones