Re: New Groo Stuff

On Fri, 27 Oct 1995, Ruben Javier Arellano wrote:
> comic-pins I've seen, IMHO. Is that a 2nd Printing for LoG?  Do you know 
> if the old Groo T-Shirts are still available *anywhere*?

Don't know if it's out yet, but the second print of LoG is supposed to be 
full sized, like DEATH (the first printing was regular comic sized), and 
was supposed to be followed up by a hardcover with the two bound together 
(I still think they should have bound the two different sized books 
together, just to prove it could be done).

I recently got a double sided Groo t-shirt, which I think was the 
front/back cover of one of the Pacific issues, really cheap from a 
store.  Look around and you'll see them sometime.  I don't know if 
Graffiti keeps shirts in print (or whatever the clothing equivilant of 
"in print" is).