Re: New Groo Stuff

Hi guys and gals,

I am a French Groo addict, and enlisted here yesterday...
I have the 6 pins of Groo, but mine are :
  #1 - Groo (orange)
  #2 - Rufferto (red)
  #3 - Taranto (brown)
  #4 - Sage (yellow)
  #5 - Minstrel (green)
  #6 - Chakaal (light blue)
What was this Drumm pin you were talking about ?
Is there another series of them pins ?

In Groo #10 (Image), I read an ad for the Groo trading cards...
Are they already out ?
And what about the Groo statue ?

Thanx for your answers,

	And long live Groo !
	(even it's against its makers wills)

	BooK			Philippe Bruhat

PS: What about a 'hidden messages contest' ?