re: number 1

which first groo (since there are four #1's) do you have?
I've seen the first Pacific Groo recently for $25 at a shop in Maryland
(they had 3 of em) The first Epic Groo last I recall was $18 i think..

hope that helps.. don't know about canceled Groos. though the Pacific one
may qualify..

Andy Berlett

"Black man, white man, rip the system"     KMFDM

"I have this amazing item. What it will do as a service will astonish you.
But before I tell you what it does, let me tell you what it is made of and
you tell me if you want it in your house. It contains 4060 chemicals, many
of which are toxic, two hundred of which off-gas into the room when it is
turned on. It also contains 18 grams of toxic methyl mercury, has an
explosive gas tube, and I urge you to put it at eye-level with your
children and encourage them to play with it."

               - William McDonough speaking about a TV set