Re: The end of an err-er, uh, era.

On Wed, 13 Dec 1995, Bob Heer wrote:

> Well, I got GROO #12 today, the last issue for a while.  132 monthly 
> issues, of which I was around for 72.  Six years.  I think SANDMAN is the 
> only regular title that I was getting then that I still get now, and 
> that'll be gone soon too.

	Man, I have to get to my comic book store and empty my account, I 
haven't even picked up #11 yet. . .  Hold the tomatoes please, no rotten 
fruit either!

> So, let us all bow our heads and bid a fond (hopefully temporary) 
> farewell to our favourite barbarian.  Okay, who's the wise guy who asked 
> if CONAN was cancelled?  You, in the back!  Would you like to come up 
> here and say that?

	Conan?  You mean the serious version of Groo?  They're still 
around,huh?  Well, maybe with no stories to copy they'll drop out too. . 
. :-}}