Groo statues

Sergio is doing the illustration this week for the box that the statue 
will come in.  My guess is that the statues are still six to eight 
weeks from hitting stores.  I don't know why this is, other than that 
everyone involved is being ultra-fussy about doing this right.  I still 
have to write the text that will go on the outside of the box, once 
they decide what's needed.

And spread the word that, based on advance orders, it looks like the 
Groo statues will be gone almost as soon as they come out.  They're 
only making 750 of them.  400 are already sold.  I'm sold that this 
means that, with normal reorders, they'll all be gone in a month.  (We 
will be doing another Groo statue but I don't think there will ever be 
any more of this one.)