Re: Groo Statue???

> Any idea when those statues are supposed to be out?  I paid in advance 
> last September with the assurance that they'd be out 'for sure' by 
> Christmas.  But still no word.  Any info?

> Ruben.
> "I already paid for the Groo Statue, did I err?"

How do you order one of these Groo statues?

Also, if anyone wants to purchase Groo original art pages, you can email
Markomics@aol.com (Mark Cohen).  He contacts Sergio Aragones directly.
He has advertisements in the Comic Buyer's Guide.  Currently, the Image
Groo original art is for sale.  He also contacts other cartoonists, such
as the cartoonists for "For Better or For Worse", "Baby Blues", "Peanuts",
etc.  You can tell him I referred you.  (Maybe he'll give us a discount?)