Re: Groo Statue???

On a day which followed  Tue, 27 Feb 1996, Ruben wrote:
> On Tue, 27 Feb 1996, Eric Chun wrote:
> > Also, if anyone wants to purchase Groo original art pages, you can email
> > Markomics@aol.com (Mark Cohen).  He contacts Sergio Aragones directly.
> > He has advertisements in the Comic Buyer's Guide.  Currently, the Image
> > Groo original art is for sale.  He also contacts other cartoonists, such
> > as the cartoonists for "For Better or For Worse", "Baby Blues", "Peanuts",
> > etc.  You can tell him I referred you.  (Maybe he'll give us a discount?)
> 	Cool, I'm sure he's asking an arm and a leg for them, but who 
> knows. . . 
  Thinking, thinking, thinking....   "An arm & a leg for the pages,
and another arm and leg for the statue...".
  "Hmmmmmmmm........"  I 'Hmmmmmmmm'ed.

  i wonder if i could contact Mark Evanier (evanier@ix.netcom.com),
request a page and a statue, and ask him to deduct the cost from the

  and if i did, i wonder what kind of responce i'd get... 8)

p.s.    please be kind, its' Wednesday afternoon, and i've been at work
        since tuesday morning!  i didn't get to bed on sunday night
        either.  pity the programmer.  *sniff*  :'(
p.p.s.  yes; email, Netscape & Netrek can take up ALOT of time.