Re: Groo statues

On Tue, 27 Feb 1996, Mark Evanier wrote:

> Sergio is doing the illustration this week for the box that the statue 
> will come in.  My guess is that the statues are still six to eight 
> weeks from hitting stores.  I don't know why this is, other than that 
> everyone involved is being ultra-fussy about doing this right.  I still 
> have to write the text that will go on the outside of the box, once 
> they decide what's needed.

	Wow, talk about 'delays' eh?  Graffitti was telling store that it 
would be out by last Christmas *for sure* -- they had my money last 
September as soon as I knew they were coming out.  Oh well, at least we 
know they'll be grreeaaattt!

> And spread the word that, based on advance orders, it looks like the 
> Groo statues will be gone almost as soon as they come out.  They're 
> only making 750 of them.  400 are already sold.  I'm sold that this 
> means that, with normal reorders, they'll all be gone in a month.  (We 
> will be doing another Groo statue but I don't think there will ever be 
> any more of this one.)

	Will the 'other' Groo Statue be of the same 'grandeur' as the 
Groo one now -- ie: price, size, production, etc?  Give me some time to 
get some money before you put the new one out, ok? :-}} 


PS: Any idea if Sergio will be coming to the Pacific Northwest anytime in 
the next millenium?  It's been so long. . . . :-{