Re: statues - relax guys

On Thu, 29 Feb 1996, Randall Allsup wrote:

> Don't worry about the delays in getting the statues.
> These things take time. (aren't any of you in the computer industry?)
> Think of it as every day waiting makes a better statue, because that is
> really the way it works. 

	Yeah, I know.  But when a comic store has my money for over 6 
months, I start to wonder if I could have used the interest in a savings 

> I am actually jealous of you folks who already ordered one; at least you
> know that you will get one.  My wife would KILL me if I bought one. 
> Every time I fill in one of my missing back issues, like Groo Epic #59, she
> gives me this look like I am Groo.  You can tell she is wondering if SHE
> erred in marrying me.  Its rough.

	Does she have no hobbies that cost money?  But I do see how 
buying the statue would raise a few eyebrows. . . 

> These statues are truly a great work of art.  I have always been amazed
> at Senor Aragones' drawing skill, but now to make such a great statue
> on his FIRST TRY.  It is really amazing.  This is like finding out that Einstein
> played a mean boogie woogie piano. 
> And the cost, big deal.  Anything under $500 is considered chicken feed
> in the art community.  Lesser works routinely sell for thousands of
> dollars in the brie & beaujolais art galleries of this world.  Be happy.

	I wonder if Sergio has had any statue-making training?  This is 
the first statue that we've seen, but I'd be really amazed if it is a 
cast of his first attempt. :-}

	Don't tell someone in the 'art community' that Sergio's statue 
could be displayed in a 'brie & beaujolais art gallerie'.  And don't tell 
someone in the 'comic community' that a Salvador Dali original will be 
for sale at the next ComicCon. :-}

> BTW, does anybody know where I can get any of the little lead figures of
> Groo and other characters?  They were made by Dark Horse Miniatures
> (now defunct?) around 1987 or so.  I have few but want more.  They
> are about an inch tall and made of metal (lead?).  Any news would be
> appreciated.  I have been trying to find them for almost 10 years. 

	I've been looking for those for years too and haven't found *any* 
-- so be happy that you even have *one*.  Apparantly, Sergio & Co. didn't 
get any money for those -- Dark Horse ripped 'em off.


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