Re: statues - relax guys

> > Don't worry about the delays in getting the statues.
> > These things take time. (aren't any of you in the computer industry?)
> > Think of it as every day waiting makes a better statue, because that is
> > really the way it works. 
> 	Yeah, I know.  But when a comic store has my money for over 6 
> months, I start to wonder if I could have used the interest in a savings 
> account.

  lets see... let's call it 3% [ after taxes? ]
6 month => 1.5% on $460 (price?) ==>> $6.90
that's a good sub, can of coke & a bag of chip he owes you.
  my money was in GE common stock.
6mo => from 58$ to 76$ => 35%, minues taxes => 20%, *$460 => 92$
I'll take Groo #1 & #2 from each of Pacific, Epic, and Image, vf-nm thank you.

> > I am actually jealous of you folks who already ordered one; at least you
> > know that you will get one.  My wife would KILL me if I bought one. 
> > Every time I fill in one of my missing back issues, like Groo Epic #59, she
> > gives me this look like I am Groo.  You can tell she is wondering if SHE
> > erred in marrying me.  Its rough.
> 	Does she have no hobbies that cost money?  But I do see how 
> buying the statue would raise a few eyebrows. . . 

  uhmm... i don't think we're talking about money.  if her eyebrows
go up for a 2$ book, i'd guess she's more concerned about the he
husband's interest than the expence.
  try filling in your playboy collection instead; she'll be happy when
you switch back to Groo, which i only read for the articles.  8)

> > BTW, does anybody know where I can get any of the little lead figures of
> > Groo and other characters?  They were made by Dark Horse Miniatures
> > (now defunct?) around 1987 or so.  I have few but want more.  They
> > are about an inch tall and made of metal (lead?).  Any news would be
> > appreciated.  I have been trying to find them for almost 10 years. 

  try asking old strategic gamers.  lead was big in the early 80s, and
kinda faded as RPGs pushed into strat game territory in the late 80s.
  some older "pre-owned" comic book stores may have them stashed away.