Greetings and some questions

Hi all, I just found this list, and I'm really surprised that there 
are enough Groo readers out there to make a list like this worth it.
Bu then again mayby i shouldn't. After all it doesn't take that many 
people to set up a mailing list. What really would impress and 
surprise me was if there suddenly was a Groo newsgroup!

On to the question.
I'm planning (actually I've already started) to make a Groo web page 
(like a couple of other people have) but I'm going to make it in (at 
first) norwegian (to have at least a little bit of difference from 
the other pages :-)
Anyway, on this page I was thinking of having a short resyme ofeach 
issue (at least the ones i have) together with an image of the 
frontpage of each issue. Here comes the question (finally!) what is 
the standpoint of Groo's owner (Sergio?) on something like this. It 
is technically a copyright violation, but...??
Anyway, if soebody knows, could you pleas send me a note?

Thanks in advance.
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