Dirty Job, Animals

Hey everyone,

	Want to let everyone know you are a TRUE blue Groo fan?  Then buy 
the Album "Animals" by Dirty Job.. it has a track that I personally 
haven't heard yet entitled "Groo the Wanderer."  What follows is an 
e-mail I received after inquiring about it.

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Date: Wed, 20 Mar 1996 11:24:51 -0200 (FALKST)
From: Leandro Indrusiak - AlterNETive - Cultura Alternativa <alternet@bagda.ufsm.br>
To: Joseph_Jones@hmc.edu
Subject: Re: Dirty Job, Animals

Hey Josh!
We are planning to set up a north american manager, to handle the tape 
distribution in the US, but it will be in a month or two, when we are 
going to release the 3rd album Django is Back.
So, I think you have two possible ways: 
- wait until we can send you the tape from our manager (it would be 
cheaper for you)
- - send a money order/cash directly to us in Brasil, via registered 
mail, and we will return the tape for you also registered. The cost is 10 
dollars each tape. Address:
Leandro Indrusiak - Dirty Job
Anchieta, 240 - Santa Maria, RS - 97060-450 - Brasil

Don t hesitate to contact for further information.

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