An open letter to Mark Evanier to give to Sergio:

Wah!  I want Groo!  I'm sorry, but superheroes are boring.  Magnor is
boring.  Parodies of boring superheroes are still boring.  There is
nothing out there like Groo - I want it back!  Please, please, please.
Massacring Marvel and Destroying DC don't cut it; Magnor doesn't cut
it.  Groo is what the world needs more of.

"You can make your superhero a psychopath, you can draw gut-splattering
violence, and you can call it a `graphic novel,' but [superhero] comic
books are still incredibly stupid."  - Bill Watterson

This is true.  Groo, the character, may be stupider than any superhero,
but the superhero genre is stupider than Groo.

        -Steffan O'Sullivan       sos@oz.plymouth.edu      Plymouth, NH
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