Re: Sergio Massacres Marvel

I tried looking for "Sergio Massacres Marvel" twice last week and couldn't
find it.  It wasn't on the list of comics to be shipped last week either.

Has anyone in the US seen it?  (Maybe we should move to Canada.  They get
all of the good stuff.)

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the comments on the book I posted on Genie....

SERGIO MASSACRES MARVEL came out this week.  That was a hoot and a half.
 The art was a bit more typically Aragones than I expected, what with him
 doing just pencils for the first time and with a bunch of distinctive
 inkers.  I could see some things when I looked closely, but not much when
 quickly reading (I imagine if they ever do the Image version, the inking
 will be obvious.  ick).


The "Seagoing Soarer", indeed.  I almost feel sorry figuring that out so
 quick.  Took Evanier nine days....

I do wish that more of the character designs were the classic looks, instead
 of the current ones.  Don't usually like the current ones.  Although they
 are easier to make fun of (eg, Namor's hair).

The "quitting the FF" gag was pretty good.  Which "quitting the FF" sequence
 was that panel lifted from?  I know I've seen it somewhere.

The Spider-man story had the most noticable inking.  Neat stuff.  But why
 does he draw Spidey with a nose?  Iron Man, too.  Deeply disturbing.

Didn't quite like this version of the Surfer.  Should be more stream-lined,
 even in Aragones' style.  Did like his Galactus, though.

The Hulk section was a cute dig at Peter David's style.  I dunno, I'd have
 liked to see the stupid Hulk.  And isn't he green this week?

The Cap/Avengers chapter was funny.  Didn't have much to do with the main
 story.  And he forgot to draw Cap's ears....

The X-Men chapter was the weakest for me, since I really don't do X-Men.
 This was a good reminder of why....

And the finale actually justified some of the more annoying running gags
 (first rule of comedy, repetition is funny).   Great stuff.

Can't wait for the DC one.  And then Archie, and Viz, and....


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