Apologies to Mark & Sergio

In a previous post entitled "Wah!" I claimed that _Sergio Massacres
Marvel_ was boring and that I wanted Groo back.  At that point I hadn't
read the entire thing, just flipped through it, and since I didn't read
any of the comics that were being lampooned, didn't think I would get

Well, I'm sure I don't get half the jokes, but when I finally read it,
I was immensely entertained, anyway.  So I'm sorry I said it was boring
- I was wrong, and I'm looking for to _Sergio Destroys DC_.

However, I still want Groo back!  I want Groo!  I want Groo!  Listen,
guys, Groo is the best comic since Carl Barks retired - you can't let
it die!

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