Sergio Destroys DC

hm, odd that Sergio Aragones did a much better job massacring Marvel than he
 did destroying DC.  Maybe because Marvel management did so much pre-
 destruction work....

there was some good stuff in SERGIO DESTROYS DC, but it really was far
 behind the Marvel version.  The choice of inkers, for one thing.  Marvel
 went mostly with the classics (Sinnott FF, Romita Spidey, Severin Hulk,
 Austin X-Men), while DC went with most of the current inkers on the
 respective books.  While I would have liked to see maybe Aparo or Giordano
 inking the Batman chapter, maybe Murphy Anderson on the Superman (Aragones
 work is =so= much like Swan, after all).  Not that it makes =too= much
 difference with Aragones pencils, of course.


First really good joke was J'onn's line on the first page, "unless of course
 they yell fire".

Pretty shoddy framing excuse, though.  The one in Marvel was =much= better.

Odd that the Superman origin flashback is pre-Crisis.  And Kal-el's dog is
 Mulch, instead of Krypto (who I guess was already sent in his rocket).

I'm shocked and amazed they actually were able to put the ad pages in the
 right place (though really not the right ads).

One thing I did like about the DC version over the Marvel one was the
 "created by" credits on the title page (which should have been at the
 beginning.  Maybe it screwed up the ad placement there).  I think I'll write
 in "Fantastic Four created by Lee/Kirby" etc. in the Marvel one....

So what's next for the Mark&Sergio show?